5 Products That Can Help You Reduce Your Visits to the Doctor

Scheduling doctor visits and running about for follow-up time and again is a real hassle, especially for senior citizens. And it doesn’t end there. It ends up being quite a disturbance to the caregivers since they must take time out of their regular schedules to make it happen.

The best way to avoid visits to the doctor is by staying healthy and fit – physically, mentally and emotionally. But that is easier said than done, right? So, let us dive right into how one can practically keep doctor visits less frequent. In what scenarios do you feel the need to see a doctor?

Here are a few possible scenarios where you are likely to call the doctor for help or visit one if required:

i. Regular checkups: This could include professional checkups for anyRegular Checkups pre-existing medical or physical conditions or your routine checkups to ensure your body is coping up well with the pressures of everyday life and ageing.

ii. Follow-ups: Following up after initial doctor visits are part of the process and while the frequency of immediacy might be different from case to case, follow-ups are generally required for any kind of ailment or treatment.

iii. Tests: Tests may range from blood pressure tests to a variety of tests for insurance policies to testing for a type of illness or disease, depending on the patient’s or individual’s condition.

iv. Pain: You might visit your doctor to diagnose the cause of any internal or external pain in a specific part of the body and gauge an effective way to treat the same.

v. Stiffness, soreness, numbness, swelling, inflammation: If anyConsut with doctor kind of redness, irritation or discomfort persists for a longer-than-usual amount of time, it may lead to an individual seeking help from a health professional.

vi. Other: There are several other reasons, ranging from mild headaches to rough fevers, that might prompt you to see the doctor.

Seniority has shortlisted a few handy products, devices and medical aids that can help you keep the doctor visits at a bare minimum, especially for specific conditions or common ailments mentioned below.

1. Diagnostic Scale:Weighing scale

We did mention above that staying in shape and being physically active (apart from consuming a nutritious diet) is the secret to an injury-free and ailment-free body. Well, here’s a product that helps you do just that! BodyShape by Beurer is an innovative and technologically-advanced device that is designed to help you stay fit and active. The diagnostic scale provides the user with weight and activity tracking through the HealthManager mobile application. With a wide range of healthy diet tips, lifestyle tips and daily workouts combined in one user-friendly app, you can choose from specific exercises to full-body workouts and fun physical activities. The basic premise of this product is to club together three integral aspects that work in sync to help you be in great shape – activity, exercise, and a balanced diet. If you wish to stay healthy and active, no matter what your age, this is a great device to have at home.

BP monitor

2. BP Monitor- Karma Microlife:

The Karma Microlife Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is a high-quality device used by professionals and the general public alike. This Microlife blood pressure monitor is very easy to install and can easily be used at home to keep a track of your blood pressure. It also has a number of amazing features, including Pulse Arrhythmia Detection and can also detect 4 types of IHBs (Irregular Heart Beats) in just 1 click. This BP monitor is a must-have product for people who need to keep a consistent check on their blood pressure levels.

Sphygmomanometer3. Pressure Guard Sphygmomanometer:

The Pressure Guard Aneroid Sphygmomanometer BP Monitor by Hicks is a blood-pressure monitoring device to measure your blood pressure easily & conveniently. It is a manual blood pressure monitor which features pulse rate indicator & movement indicator. It is a reliable & accurate machine to provide measurements of your systolic & diastolic blood pressure that you can measure easily at your home. The monitor comes with high-quality arm cuffs & pump which tightens the grip while checking the blood pressure. The monitor is professionally designed with a dial-type display to provide clear & accurate readings which makes it easier for the user to read.

Orthopaedic Support
4. Re-Freezable Orthopaedic Support:

A pouch-like product by Ortho support by Vissco is perfect for people who tend to suffer from pain, inflammation and muscle spasms frequently. Widely used by athletes and senior citizens, this multi-use medical pad needs to be frozen for at least an hour before you apply it on the aching body part externally. Made from special eco-friendly chemicals, sealed tightly in a pouch, the product works by delivering cold therapy since the cooling process is known to reduce pain and get rid of inflammation and relieve any muscle spasms.
Ortho Electric Heating Belt
5. Ortho Electric Heating Belt for the Knee:

Do you suffer from recurring stiffness and joint pain in or around the knee area? The Ultima Range Knee Orthosis Heating Pad is designed in such a way that it helps treat any leftover discomfort that you might experience even after the swelling, redness or inflammation subsides. Soothing stiffness, alleviating pain, immobilizing the knee and providing ample support using heat therapy, this product works on different heat settings (that the user can adjust according to their convenience) to relieve pain. Heat therapy causes the blood vessels to dilate, improving the perfusion to the targeted areas and increasing blood circulation. Just plug it and use!


The aforementioned products and devices can work wonders to treat and manage any underlying conditions at home, we advise you to seek the help of a medical professional in case you experience any discomfort or if the illness/injury persists for a long period of time.


At Seniority, you will find several such products that are made to help you take control over your own body, make it stronger, injury-free and deal with common ailments and diseases without having to run to the doctor every time. Browse through a variety of Heat and Cold Therapy products, Home Medical Equipment, Compression Support Aids and Massaging Devices or Pain Relief Products online!


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Disclaimer: The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for profes-sional medical advice or treatment. Although most foods are generally safe, some of them may have side effects. Ask4healthcare advises these to be taken/practised at user’s own discretion.


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Vedas Acidity Cure
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Vedas Acidity Cure
Vedas Acidity Cure
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RenalTeam Pte Ltd
3 years ago

By using BP Monitor patient can save their time, they don’t have to go every time to doctor. These kind of products are really helpful for the doctor, but before we use any healthcare related product we should consult with a doctor first. We at RenalTeam believes that even patients with end-stage renal disease can live a perfectly happy life despite their condition.

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