PCOS/PCOD by Dr Mamta Bhomia

Dr Mamta Bhomia

Dr Mamta V. Bhomia, MBBS, DGO

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology
Director of Sanjivani Super Speciality Hospital
1 Uday park society, Nr. Sunrise Park
Vastapur, Ahmedabad


What is PCOS/PCOD? What are its causes and early symptoms?

PCOD is polycystic ovarian disease. It is heterogeneous multisystem endocrinopathy in women with reproductive age.

Causes of PCOD are:
  Lifestyle changes
  Sedentary lifestyle

Early symptoms are:
  Menstrual abnormality

How is PCOS diagnosed? How much do the tests for PCOS approximately cost?

Any two criteria should be present:

  Oligo/amenorrhea, anovulation, infertility
  Ultrasound findings (Gold standard)

Test for PCOS: ↑E2 levels, ↑LH levels, Fasting insulin levels at rest >10MIU/liter

Ultrasound findings are: Enlarged ovaries → Ovarian volume > 10mm2, 12 or more follicles each of 2-3 mm in size placed peripherally.

Cost of tests is approx Rs 4000/-.

Can PCOS affect a woman’s fertility? It is a life-long condition?

Fertility is affected in PCOS. It is not a lifelong condition; can be corrected.

Is PCOS life-threatening? What are the treatment options for a woman diagnosed with PCOS?

PCOS is not life threatening. Treatment should be tailored to the requirements of each woman. This includes:

  Weight loss
  Lifestyle changes
  Hormonal treatment for:
     Menstrual disorder

Can PCOS be cured with medicines? For how long does one have to take them? What is the cost involved?

PCOS is a syndrome and can be taken care of with:

Duration of treatment depends on the severity but it is approximately 1 year to 2 years. Cost per month is around Rs 2000/-.

When is surgery advised for PCOS? How much does the surgery cost?

Surgery for PCOS is usually indicated in infertility cases if medical therapy fails, hyperstimulation cases, and previous pregnancy loss cases

Cost of surgery depends upon the institution (usually between Rs 20,000/- to Rs 30,000/-).

Do you advise any lifestyle/dietary changes to the women who have PCOS? Is there a special diet for PCOS patient? Should they go gluten-free and reduce dairy?

PCOS treatment involves lifestyle/dietary changes. There is no special diet but weight loss should be there. Yes, patient should reduce dairy products and go gluten-free.

Diet for patients with PCOS:

  High-fiber foods
  Foods with high biological value proteins
  Foods that reduce inflammation (e.g., tomatoes, strawberries, etc.)

  Foods high in refined carbohydrates
  Sugary drinks, snacks, and soft drinks
  Foods that increase inflammation (e.g., junk food, cakes, pastries etc.)

Is it more difficult to lose weight with PCOS?

Yes it is difficult to lose weight with PCOS as endocrinopathy is also involved, but one can definitely lose weight with:


Can you suggest some support groups (online or offline), in your city/India that offer support to women with PCOS?

As such there are no support groups but patients can take the help of consultant:


What is the one advice that you would like to give to the women having PCOS?

Exercise and lifestyle are the keys to open the lock of PCOD. Youngsters should reduce the use of mobile phones and instead play outdoor games or take up cycling.


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