PATIENT STORY—Trauma, Nagaur

Tell us something about yourself and your family.Ajay Kumar Sharma - marathon runner

I am Ajay Kumar Sharma, B.E. Civil; and I am 57 years old. I am currently working as Superintending Engineer, Nagaur in Public Health Engineering Department, Rajasthan. My wife is a senior professor in a medical college. I have one daughter who is currently pursuing MD from Detroit USA and a son who is doing MBBS from Bikaner, Rajasthan.


What injuries did you have and how did it all happen?A K Sharma after Road Accident What
was your age then?

In March 2013, I met with a severe accident near Mundwa, Nagaur. The car, in which I and my wife were travelling, collided with a motorcycle. While my driver and the motorcycle rider died in Hip fracturethe accident, I suffered major injuries — fractures in acetabulum, knee, hip-joint, ilium, ischium, humerus, ulna, and radius along with Smith’s fractures (which includes pelvis, hip joint, knee, arm, forearm, and wrist). My wife suffered head injury and fractures in ribs, back bone, neck bone. I was 51 years old at that time.

Tell us about your journey through diagnosis and treatment. What were your feelings? Who helped you in this journey? Were finances an issue? How was that managed?

Immediate help came from the local villagers. The police arrived 15 minutes later. We were moved to the police jeep (Mahindra Bolero) without stretcher and made to sit in the middle seat. The driver and the bike rider were in the rear seat. We were then transported to Nagaur Hospital where first-aid was given. After that, we were shifted to SP Medical College, Bikaner by ambulance. For three days, my BP remained less than 70 even with medicine support. Later, a major operation was performed.

A K Sharma During treatmentA K Sharma RecoveringAfter the surgery, the doctors advised four months bed rest. I had to walk with a walker for quite some time. During the recovery period, the thought that why it happened to me for no fault of mine, used to trouble me a lot but the hope that soon everything will be fine kept me going.

I am grateful to not only those villagers who helped me despite being total strangers, but also my colleagues at Nagaur, doctors at SP Medical College Bikaner, friends, and relatives who helped me in one way or the other throughout the journey.

As far as finances were concerned, initially everything was taken care of by my friends and relatives.

A K Sharma fully recoveredAre there any support groups, communities, or relatives who have helped you through the journey? If so, please share their contribution and contact details.

My support system mainly consisted of family, relatives, and friends. They provided me all kinds of support—emotional, physical, and even financial until I recovered significantly.

Are there any other associated health problems that you have to deal with?

There are many health issues that I deal with on a daily basis, such as problem with stretching and mobility, weak muscle strength, and uncomfortable bowel movement. I also suffer from piles, indigestion, gas, and skin degeneration. My legs are of unequal length post-accident because of which I experience trouble in movement. Due to problem in hip, I can sit only on one side.

What treatments did you try and which one helped you the most? Where and from whom did you take it? Are you still under treatment? If yes, what and where?

A K Sharma in GymI am no longer under any treatment. However, earlier, my treatment was done by the doctors at SP Medical College Bikaner. I also had to undergo regular physiotherapy. I also did swimming, running, and physical exercise at the gym to keep myself active. Apart from that, communication with friends kept me refreshed.

A K Sharma running MarathonHave you made any lifestyle/dietary changes to manage the condition? If so, of what kind?

After my accident, I changed my life style completely. I started going to the gym on a regular basis, and included healthy food in my diet. I run in marathons now.

What keeps you motivated? Do you wish to give any message/advice to patients like you?

In a situation like mine, one tends to go through the phase of ‘why me’ which in turn leads to depression. But the key is to stay positive and motivated. Family, friends and relatives play an important role in this. Live life to the fullest, do your best and never lose hope.

Are you open to some other patients contacting you through us?


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